Airborne Forces Day 2005 - Eden Camp - Saturday 25th June 2005

If numbers count for anything then this year's reunion was the best so far with nine 3 PARA (Palestine)
lads on parade.Unfortunately Dick Alford's plans to join us were frustrated by the inadequacies of the railway system,
Les Bullen had transport problems. Pat Fitzgerald did get to Eden Camp but was searching for us in the wrong hut.

As other Palestine veterans will not be familiar with the faces in the group photo, individual photos of the same lads,
taken in Palestine in 1947, are added below.

LEFT to RIGHT (excluding the Arnhem Veteran in the wheelchair)

NevilleCannon ...FredGrace...LarryLee...BillGilliland.. BillWatts..BillWilson..ArchieMillar..DykesAitkenhead

FredGrace & NevilleCannon

Larry Lee

Bill Gilliland

Bill Watts

Bill Wilson

Archie Millar

Dykes Aitkenhead

We were pleased to welcome the Arnhem veteran in the wheelchair, who also served with 3 Para in Palestine and turned up unexpectedly.
Unfortunately, I omitted to take his name and address and, if he sees this page, I hope that he will contact me.

Several of us had not seen Larry Lee since 1947 and the smiles on the faces of Archie Millar & Campbell Aitkehead reflect that fact
that they were also meeting for the first time in almost 60 years having been close friends in the MT section.

Several 3 Para lads have indicated that they would like to attend our reunions but, for various reasons, are unable to travel any distance.
Furthermore, as our members are scattered all over the country it is impossible to find a venue which is convenient for everyone.

Please email me if you have any bright ideas !!