Hardwick Hall - Friday 30th July 2004

As a result of the high security surrounding the event the last mile or two into Hardwick Hall was frustratingly slow but it was
all well worthwhile as Airborne Forces Day 2004 was a very enjoyable event. Presentation of New Colours to the 4th Battalion
was an impressive spectacle and after the ceremony there was freefall parachute display.
The weather was perfect but by the afternoon it was extremely hot and when members of the PRA were lined up waiting for
a "walk_past" by Prince Charles we were very suprised, but also extremely grateful, when serving members of the
Regiment appeared with bottles of cold water to slake our thirst.
There was plenty of takers for the 15 per head packed-lunch which was delivered in a large maroon box and served
in a huge marquee which provided a welcome respite from the hot sun.

Lunch in the Marquee
Line-Up for Prince Charles